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A Complete Guide to NComputing

NComputing is a desktop virtualization company that manufactures hardware that helps you to create virtual desktops which enable multiple users to simultaneously share a single operating system instance.

Simply, NComputing enables you to add more monitors to a single computer thereby eliminating the need for several system units per user. The picture below shows a simple setup of NComputing.

Simple NComputing setup with one system unit and 6 monitors.

Advantages of using NComputing

Because NComputing saves you from extra system units, the cost of power phenomenally goes down by up to 90%.

Maintenance costs are also reduced. For example, the time it takes you to work on 100 individual computers will be reduced is you have to work on only 10.

In a computer lab of 100 computers, you will have to procure antivirus licenses for all of them – not with NComputing.

Using NComputing saves space. You can have more users in a room with NComputing since the space that would have been used for extra system units is saved.

NComputing Models

NComputing has developed several models over the years. The choice of model to deploy depends on your needs, budget and availability. Below is a brief description of each model.

NComputing MX100

The MX100 is is the latest model on the market and comes in two variants, MX100S and MX100D.

The MX100 kit adds 3 more users to your system unit. You can add up to 9 users to a single host if you opt for the MX100D while the MX100S will give you up to 45 users on a single host.

The MX100D uses a direct connection to the host and is meant for single room deployment. On the other hand, the MX100S runs over a network giving you the ability to have a host in 1 room while the users are in another room.

NComputing M300

This model, just like the MX100s works on a network. Each kit adds 3 more users to a host computer meaning if you deployed 3 kits, you will have 10 users per PC.

The kit is connected to a normal switch (Or router) which is then connected to the server. TA simple 10 user setup with M300 would require at least a Core-2-Quad with 6GB of RAM.

This version of NComputing will work well on Windows 7 and and fully compatible with Windows 10.

NComputing X550

NComputing X550 devices are different from the previous models because each device adds 5 users to a your computer. With X550, if you installed 2 devices, you will then have a total of 11 users on a single host.

Unfortunately, this version is compatible up to Windows 7. It also uses PS2 mice and keyboards as opposed to the other models which use USB connections.

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