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Register Your Child for the Youth ICT Skills Training Initiative by Geek Village

The Youth ICT Skills Training is an initiative by Geek Village that will train students in either Computer Repair or Web Design skills. This is to help them acquire practical self employment skills at an early stage and appreciate the importance of ICT in this age.

The 6 week fully practical training targets vacists in S.4, S.6 or those who have not yet reported to school.

Below is an abridged syllabus of what the students will learn and achieve in the 6 week training.

Certificate in Computer Repair

  • Assembling a PC
  • Installing Windows & Linux Operating Systems
  • Installing and updating software
  • System security & integrity
  • Basic IT ethics
  • Basic network setup & cabling
  • Dealing with viruses
  • Data recovery
  • Basic electronics
  • Networking
  • Basic entreprenuership
  • Basic communication skills

Certificate in Web Design

  • Introduction to html & CSS
  • Installing WordPress locally and online
  • Buying domains and hosting
  • Working with themes
  • Installing & updating plugins
  • Website backup & security
  • Using page builders
  • Setting up an LMS
  • Basic entrepreneurship
  • Basic communication skills

Venue and Course Fees

The Youth ICT Skills Training will be handled at Fides Learning Services inside Nsambya Youth Sharing Centre along Ggaba Rd. 2 kilometres from Kampala

Students are to pay UGX 450,000/= and a registration fee of UGX 20,000/= after which they will be awarded with certificates.

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